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The crypto custodial wallet for businesses of any size

TrustVault is the secure, flexible cryptoasset custodial wallet solution designed to help businesses build their digital asset operations at scale while optimising cost, control and speed. Whether you are looking to secure assets on-chain or on-exchange, our solution can help with the advanced controls needed to help meet emerging investor and regulatory demands experienced today.

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  • Mobile

    Transfer instantly, from anywhere

    TrustVault processes Bitcoin, Ether and ERC-20 transfers in under one second, from your mobile device.

  • Shield

    Keep your crypto assets secure

    Your private keys are managed in our Hardware Security Module (HSM) network and stored in secure data centres with highly-available multiple encrypted backups.

  • Controls

    Mandate custom business controls

    Tailor TrustVault to your needs on-chain and on-exchange with a flexible set of programmable rules that work across every asset type and protocol.

  • Overheads

    Reduce your overheads

    Experience enterprise-grade wallet management at a fraction of the usual OpEx cost.

  • Storage & Transactions

    The faster, safer way to manage your cryptoassets

    Beyond cold storage security at hot wallet speeds, all in one place. TrustVault empowers your team to operate multiple custody wallets with ease, send and receive cryptoassets instantly, and rest easy knowing that mission-critical private keys can never be lost or stolen.

  • Wallets

    Segregated accounts

    Your assets are stored in segregated accounts, each with custom multi-sig rules.

  • Honest

    Transparent management

    Your wallet balance is visible at all times and we can never touch your assets.

  • Insurance


    Extendable insurance coverage for cryptoassets ensures additional measures of security for your private keys.

  • Private Key

    Private key recovery

    Personal KYC and biometric checks to reactivate your account if a device is lost.

  • Chart
    Security Tools

    A suite of protocol-agnostic security tools at your fingertips

  • Exchange Controls

    On-exchange Wallets

    Securing assets inter-exchange

    Advanced controls for managing on-exchange assets to help meet emerging investor and regulatory demands on funds who are expected to secure assets both on-chain, as well as on-exchange.

  • Biometrics

    Advanced Biometrics

    Enhanced biometrics for fingerprint and facial recognition

  • White Black Lists

    Allowlists & Blocklists

    Define a list of wallet addresses that your team are able to transact with

    Programme your cryptoassets such that it can only be transferred to certain approved addresses. Define a set of whitelisted addresses that you and your team are able to send, receive and transfer from as an extra measure of security. Share any addresses, accounts or exchanges you want set up as a "blocklist".

  • Geofencing
    Coming Soon


    Restrict wallet access to specific locations, such as your offices.

  • Time Lock
    Coming Soon


    Set pre-defined time periods in which certain assets be moved.

  • Escrow Lock
    Coming Soon


    Set exposure limits and split trades across multiple exchanges.

  • Safe Mode
    Coming Soon

    Safe mode

    Restrict certain users or wallets when suspicious activity is detected.

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    Advanced Controls

    Manage on-exchange assets and mitigate your holding and fiduciary risks

    Safeguard your exchange account credentials across all decentralised and centralised exchanges you use and remove barriers to trust with your investors. Advanced controls on-chain and on-exchange to support easier compliance and reduced operating risk so you can focus on what matters - growing your business and investor base.

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    Multi-Signatory Rules

    Flexible multi-sig rules for 
any cryptoasset & protocol

    Create granular multi-signatory rules faster than ever before. TrustVault gives your business a flexible set of controls to define the signatories needed for each transfer by type, wallet or cryptoasset. Once set, your rules work with every cryptoasset and protocol— even those that don’t natively support signatories.

    • Granular Control

      Granular control

      Create a global rule-set for all of your wallets, or configure unique rules for each.

    • Global Compatilibity

      Global compatibility

      Your TrustVault multi-sig rules work with any cryptoasset or protocol.

    Trustology App
    Multi-sig configurations
    • OR

      Define a list of stakeholders who have the authority to sign a transaction.

    • AND

      Require that each transaction is signed by two or more stakeholders.

    • GROUPS

      Go granular and request signatures from multiple organisations and stakeholders.

    The TrustVault Platform

    A platform you can trust

  • Processes

    Industry-leading processes

    The private keys stored in TrustVault are encrypted, managed automatically and unable to be accessed by human eyes — even ours. To ensure the rest of our service is delivered to the same high standard, our team adheres to ISO 27001, follows a strict multi-stage signoff and code review process, and participates in regularly-scheduled security audits.

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  • Security

    Best-in-class security

    The TrustVault Platform operates on a highly-secure, globally distributed network of HSMs and data centres supported by 24/7 infrastructure monitoring and bank-standard fallback, redundancy and tamper-prevention systems.

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  • Team

    A highly-qualified, experienced team

    Trustology is managed by a proven team senior executives with decades of experience building secure technology at world-class institutions, such as JPMorgan, PWC, UBS, BNY Mellon, Barclays, RBS and Bank of America.

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  • Need to know something?

    Rapid support & recovery

    Our customer support team are available to troubleshoot app errors or other technical issues as well as provide account recovery assistance 24/7.

  • How much does TrustVault cost?

    Individuals and businesses holding cryptoassets worth under £1,000 can sign up to our free plan. For anyone holding cryptoassets in excess of £1000 we offer monthly or annual subscription plans that range from £2 to £4 a month for our Individual Account plans and £25 to £50 for our Business Account plans depending on the assets you hold and trading activity.

  • Can I use TrustVault on my laptop or tablet?

    Currently, we only support iPhone. You can view your accounts on other devices using a block explorer. In the meantime, we're working on making it possible to submit draft transactions through our web API for our customers' benefit.

  • Which phones are supported?

    TrustVault currently supports iPhones with Touch/Face ID. Here's a list a list of the ones we support: iPhone 5S (2013), iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and all iPhones that are newer than above.

  • What happens if I get locked out of my account?

    We can unlock it for you - the process is called an account recovery. To request an account recovery, either contact us via the chat function on the App or our website or go to [email protected]