Jan 30, 2020 1 min read

Vectorspace AI leads with Trustology’s crypto custodial hot wallet to remove barriers to purchase for its VXV token

Zak Sakata 7wbfshwqdlk Unsplash

31 January 2020 London: Trustology, a UK based FinTech company focused on providing high-end, insured custodial wallet solutions to secure and manage cryptoassets in real-time, today announced its partnership with Vectorspace AI to make it safer, faster and easier for token purchasers to send, receive and hold its VXV tokens using TrustVault.  

Use of TrustVault removes barriers to purchase as it offers buyers the institutional-grade security assurance and ease of use they expect when buying tokens. In addition, Vectorspace saves on both time and cost by capitalising on the automated means to create user wallets and disburse tokens at scale.

Read the full release here